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1.What are gaskets?
Gaskets are made of foam and surround the vacuum chamber. They help ensure an air-tight seal.
2.How do I replace or maintain my Gaskets?
(1)It's a good maintenance practice to regularly inspect your gaskets for wear.Depending on your model you'll either have removable or non-removable gaskets lf you have a model with removable gaskets for over a year--and use it often-it may be time for a gasket replacement.
(2)For Non-Removable Gaskets simply use a damp sponge to regularly clean.
(3)To replace or clean Removable gaskets use both hands and firmly grasp both ends of the gasket in the channel--and pull straight out. To clean gently wash,and let it dry 24 hours then replace per the instructions below.
(4)Place the washed or replacement gasket into the channel and gently press in all four corners. Lightly tap around the perimeter-don't slide your fingers straight across side to side.When the gasket is fully seated back into the channel close your vacuum sealer and lock it.
3.How often should I replace the gaskets?
To keep your Daintii vacuuming properly, we recommend that you replace the gaskets every year.