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Tips & Hint


1.Can I keep comic books or coins in Daintii bags? Yes, but just seal the bags, do not vacuum them. The pressure caused by the vacuum can cause the pages and print transfers to stick together. Coins can be vacuum-packed, but be sure that you place some type of backing, such as cardboard, in the bag against the "waffle" side, and face the coins toward the smooth side of the bag. This will eliminate the possibility of any marks left on the coins after long term storage.
You should also put any printed materials between cardboard or in an archival sleeve before vacuuming. Otherwise the printing may transfer to the bag if you ever remove the material from the bag. We cannot guarantee the preservation of any items you choose to vacuum package.
2.For the Gardener
Seal leftover seeds with your Daintii vacuum sealer - they'll stay fresh to they can be used again at a later time.
3.Important Papers
When you need to carry important papers from place to place, either short time (to a meeting) or long term (when moving) you can vacuum package them - keeps your papers in order and completely water and stain free when sealed in a Daintii Bag.
4.Scrap booking
To keep your precious pictures and mementos away from dust, dirt and other elements, seal them in Daintii Bags before you place them in the scrapbook. You can put them in chronological order and place a note in the bag with the event details and dates.
To vacuum package silverware, wrap fork tines in soft cushioning material, such as a paper towel, to avoid puncturing bag, then vacuum seal in a Daintii Bag. When you're ready to set the table for a special occasion, you won't have to polish the silverware - just open the Daintii bag and enjoy the sparkling table setting!
6.Survival Kits
Before setting out on a road trip, use your vacuum sealer to prepare a road trip survival kit. Flashlight, batteries, flares, matches, first aid kit, important papers, etc. can be safely vacuum sealed in Daintii Bags which are air and water tight. You can also seal personal hygiene items, portioned out car snacks, games (MadLibs, travel Scrabble, etc.) in Daintii Bags. Because you can see what is in each sealed bag you can always easily find what you're looking for.